[Above is the game running in your web browser! If missing see Troubleshooting tips below.]

Welcome to the Rift Dojo, the world's first browser-based Virtual Reality (WebVR) game designed for the Leap Motion controller. Use your hands to block incoming objects karate-style!

Please rate & comment here: http://itch.io/jam/leapmotion3djam/rate/14102


  1. Oculus Rift
  2. Leap Motion Controller (mounted on front of Rift)
  3. VR-Enabled Chromium browser (download page)
    [Firefox Nightly for PC has issues w/Three.js]
  4. Recommended: Computer w/dedicated GPU
    [tested at 60 FPS on Intel i5, GTX 860M]


  • Gameplay: Hands only! Hit all the objects before they hit you!
  • Press 'return' for fullscreen VR, 'Esc' to exit, 'z' to re-zero Rift.


  • World's first game using Web-VR and Leap Motion Controller.
  • Immersive VR gameplay doesn't use keyboard or mouse.
  • "One-to-one" link between player's real and in-game hands.
  • Collision algorithm detects when objects hit palm or fingers.
  • Five levels of increasing difficulty to challenge the player.
  • Objects are randomly-positioned to increase replay value.
  • Satisfying sound effects; victory tune after finishing final level.
  • Playable in non-VR mode (but judges please use your Rift!)
  • Released as Open Source, on my github repo. Play online.

Initial version completed during the Leap Motion 3D Game Jam "24 Hour Challenge" on November 16, 2014.

Game Developer: Amber Roy (amber.roy@gmail.com, @amberroyVR)
Game Homepage: www.RiftDojo.com